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About Sam

Hi there!

My name is Sam. I am a twitch streamer and content creator from the North East of the UK! 

My time creating content started back in 2011 with the influx and rise of gaming on YouTube. There were many people and creators that I looked up to back then who inspired me to start dabbling in video creation and editing. 

From 2011 to the very start of 2016 I had a lot of fun creating YouTube content along side my studies! This never really took off... however I was absolutely addicted to it and a fabulous community blossomed. 

In 2015 and 2016 I started my studies in Computer Games programming. This turned out to be not my thing... so I transitioned to becoming an Infrastructure/Cyber Security engineer. With studies, work and meeting my AMAZING partner, I lost all time to create content.. and slowly drifted away from the platform. Lots went on over the next 4-5 years.. both ups and downs.. and then 2020 came along. On a whim I decided to start streaming again on Twitch.tv and well.. WHAT A YEAR IT WAS! Our amazing community once again grew and blossomed and I cant thank you all enough! <3


...And here we are in 2021!

Sam's Mission

Over the last 5 years, there has been many defining moments.

The main of which was the loss of my grandfather. As I grew up without my father in my life, my grandfather took up this role. My grandfather was the strongest most inspiring man I knew and his fight throughout his illness was truly incredible. Our family always states that he had the heart of a lion and did whatever it took to provide and care for others. 

During the time that he was ill, all of the medical and care staff were truly incredible. Without their efforts and care, I would have much fewer memories of him. 

Seeing everyone involved in his care was extremely eye opening to me, the sacrifices they made and the care they gave was inspiring. They are the true hero's.

My mission is simple, to come together, appreciate and give back to those who care, and to support those who are less fortunate through amazing causes.

Happy birthday and RIP Grandad 03/02/2019 x