Bit by Bit Foundation

In March 2021, we will be supported an amazing charity called the Bit by Bit Foundation. In the month of March we raised a total of  $1018.25!

* * *

"Bit By Bit is an IRS certified non-profit charity founded by a group of four close friends whose singular mission is to positively impact the lives of children in hospitals. We partner with streamers in an effort to leverage their communities to the advantage of patients everywhere.

The four of us met via online gaming more than a decade ago and we remain strong friends to date. This experience acquainted us with how conducive gaming can be for a range of things such as providing the comfort of community, stimulating cognitive challenges, and healthy competition among people and their peers. These beneficial aspects of gaming are what compelled us to start the foundation; we hope we can help foster a similarly positive experience for the children.

Collectively, we understand that some of life's greatest challenges can come at its earlier ages and believe that the escape of gaming can do a tremendous amount of good in tandem with one's medical treatment."

For more information, including legal documents, please check out the official Bit by Bit Foundation website here: